We offer you the status of Diplomatic Immunity and Diplomatic Status under The Montevideo Convention on The Rights and Duties of a State, 1933 as well as under The Convention. This allows you to walk with a more assured and confident manner within your current domestic environment.

All Citizens so appointed as diplomats of Area 52 enjoy full diplomatic rights as accorded by Consul, Embassy, Mission and High Commission Status

As a Diplomat – you will not be under obligation to follow any of the dictates of the oppressive, swindling, duplicitous, lying and coercive Commu-Fascist agenda being imposed on the world by the Usual Bad Actors – all of which are ET in nature and abode. NB: Less you think it is the “human operatives” that are capable of engineering such “Death Drives” and worldwide chaos.

Diplomacy is the art or practise of conducting international relations, as in negotiating alliances, treaties and other mutually beneficial agreements. Also, it can be referred to as a tact or skill in dealing with people. A third variation or variety is the science of the forms, ceremonies and methods to be observed in conducting the actual intercourse of one state with another through authorised agents or representatives on the basis of international law. The art of conducting such intercourse discussions or communication as in negotiating and drafting treaties representing the interests of the state of its subjects or its people in a foreign court territory or domain is also a diplomatic function.

Diplomacy comprises spoken or written communication by representatives of states, such as leaders and diplomats, intended to influence events in the international system. Diplomacy is the main instrument of foreign policy which represents the broader goals and strategies that guide the state's interactions with the rest of the world. International treaties, agreements alliances and other manifestations of international relationships are usually the result of diplomatic negotiations and processes, and diplomats may also help to shape a state by advising government officials. Modern diplomatic methods, practises and principles originated largely from the 17th century European custom. Beginning in the early 20th century, diplomacy became more professionalised. The 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, LINK:

ratified by most of the world sovereign states, provides a framework for diplomatic procedures, methods and conduct and most diplomacy is now conducted by accredited officials such as envoys and ambassadors through a dedicated foreign affairs office. Diplomats operate through diplomatic missions most commonly, consulates and embassies and rely on a number of support staff. The term diplomat is for sometimes applied broadly to diplomatic and consular personnel and foreign ministry officials the term diplomacy is derived from the 18th century French term diplomat diplomate or diplomacy.

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