Here in the Video Gallery, we will load videos that will be instructional and explain the workings and methodology of Area 52 - Ex Terra and will post NEWS BULLETINS to inform you of world events which oppose the dialectic currently used to trick and poison your minds, turning them towards diversity which leada away from the Creator not towards it.

Remember, Area 52 - Ex Terra is a state of mind as much as it is a physical domain providing escape, freedom and protection from the madmen coming for you and yours. The key yo it all is a heartfelt desire to Escape The Trap and as you ask, JOINED with your fellow travellers, so will it be done unto you. The power of the collective mind of the Sons of God is not to be underestimated and if you can't believe, initially at least, in yourself, then believe in me - and I will give you rest and place you in a Holy place and you will love it because you will recognise it as.....truth and only the truth is true, nothing else matters and everything beside it is not there.

ESCAPING THE TRAP - PART 1 Watch! Just Watch!

ESCAPING THE TRAP - Part 2 - BOMBSHELL! You've Been Hoodwinked...

ESCAPING THE TRAP - Part 2(a) - BOMBSHELL! You've Been Hoodwinked - But You Knew That All Along!

Escaping The Trap - Part 3: SOLUTIONS - Resurrection Day April 9th

Escaping The Trap - Part 4: Call To Action - SkyHook