- Beyond The Land -

Everything you need to know about AREA 52 begins here!

Ex Terra

- Beyond The Land -

Everything you need to know about AREA 52 begins here!



The Global Commons is one of the best hidden secrets of the Elite and some might say it is a revelation from God to you at this time. It consists of The High Seas, Deep Ocean Seabed, Forests, Atmosphere, the Artic, the Antarctic, Inner Earth, Inner Space – Stratosphere – Outer space and possibly Cyber space

"Global commons" is a term typically used to describe international, supranational, and global resource domains in which common-pool resources are found. In economics, common goods are rivalrous and non-excludable, constituting one of the four main types of goods. A common-pool resource, also called a common property resource, is a special case of a common good (or public good) whose size or characteristics makes it costly, but not impossible, to exclude potential users. Examples include both natural or human-made resource domains (e.g., a "fishing hole" or an irrigation system). Unlike global public goods, global common-pool resources face problems of congestion, overuse, or degradation because they are subtractable (which makes them rivalrous).


Area 52 above all else is a State of Mind - It is a change of mind and with change comes action!

Put simply it is an area of The High Seas over which no Sovereign State, no Nation State nor any other authority or power has control, jurisdiction or dominion of or over. It is therefore EXCLUSIVELY AND PERPETUALLY yours (and everyone else’s) and it is this “The Area” of which Area 52 refers. Area 52 actually refers to Area 52% which is an additional area we have claimed under our jurisdiction and to which we, with you, lay claim to on your behalf, which we Govern, which we have Citizenry inhabiting and over which we perform & offer all facilities which all like which a conventional Land Based Nation State would offer.

ground (n.)

Old English grund "bottom; foundation; surface of the earth," also "abyss, Hell," and "bottom of the sea" (a sense preserved in run aground), from Proto-Germanic *grundu-, which seems to have meant "deep place" (source also of Old Frisian, Old Saxon, Danish, Swedish grund, Dutch grond, Old High German grunt, German Grund "ground, soil, bottom;" Old Norse grunn "a shallow place," grund "field, plain," grunnr "bottom"). No known cognates outside Germanic.

The Antarctic is a region we also lay claim to, on your behalf, designated as “ground” which means “land under water”. Water is ice and ice defines the state of Antarctica, and to which the UN and other world bodies admit to being a “most precious and delicate environmentally fragile region” over which they have all tried, via back-door methods to lay claim to. The Antarctic, is defined as “Ground” and ground is defined as land under water:
Antarctica covers about 9% of the Earth's land surface, which is about 2.75% of the total surface, or about 14 million square kilometres. It is about as 1.5 times as big as the US.

The Artic is a frozen mass of water – water is turned to ice and solid ice is metamorphosed water and hence defined as frozen sea. The Artic comprises approximately 4.5% of the total surface area and so we add this to the 45% we already claim and we come to 49.5% The Arctic is the smallest of all five oceans. Stretching 15,558,000 square kilometres, it makes up only 4.5 percent of the global ocean.

54 countries have signed the 1959 Antarctic Treaty;

The Additional 7% ?


ExTerra – Area 52 is a place for sure. It is not hypothetical; it is not a virtual place it is as real as you are.

Area 52- Ex Terra is the High Seas beyond the territorial reach of any de jure/de facto government or state. It is everywhere within the boundary and nowhere in particular. The region is hypothecated to your use and enjoyment and anyone “trespassing upon it” or conducting illegal activity, is subject to our penalty. Please note that warships, war traffic, illegal arms, weapons of mass destruction, mercenaries, human trafficking, money laundering, drug running, and all other sorts of clandestine activity perpetrated by the 5 Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Berkshire, Blackrock, State Street, Vanguard and Fidelity) the 300 Families of the 13 Bloodlines, all traffic via your back yard daily with cargoes which make the Luciferian Rebellion tick. Area 52- Ex Terra is now ONLINE and taking control of the Management thanks to intercession of the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW), The Guardian Alliance (GA) and various Councils of Worlds.


“When will Area 52 be ready to provide the activities, protection and services promised?”

Naturally, due to the urgency of the situation on Earth an “unblocking” of protocols had to be undertaken, otherwise most human life on the planet was set for extinction. The currency of the Universe you may be surprised to know, is not the Japanese Yen, nor the Chinese Renminbi, or American Dollar. These small green pieces of paper are constantly being moved around seemingly to try to make the world a better or happier place, but it is NOT these small green pieces of paper that are unhappy! It is the people handling them which are.


Who is behind the idea and construct of Area 52 – Ex Terra?

The Sonship – ET Groups – Meta Terrestrials – Ultra Terrestrials – Gestalt Beings Beyond Meta Galactic Core – The Council of 9 Area 52 is a geographically defined region encompassing The Global Commons, also referred to as “The Area”. In desperate times, desperate measures are called for, and as such time is now upon us all, “Higher Evolutionary Beings” have asked that the suffering and oppression of mankind be alleviated.


Area 52 above all else is a State of Mind - It is a change of mind and with change comes action!

There is no longer any Rule of Law – if arguably there ever was. Fast disappearing is the thin icy veneer of fairness and justice which was used as a transparent mask, a hardly seeable offering within society to placate the masses enough to provide some hope, but not too much – best not to look to hard or too deep – which aided the Oppressors to manipulate, control and poison “The Plan of the Elders” for Millenia. As it was in Lemuria so is it now.


How can this be possible?

How can success be achieved when all others have failed to accomplish what we promise? How can a safe-haven zone, a Light City, a Bastion of Freedom be created and protected when the “Others” have all the hammers?” Can the hypothecation of an area of a planet, by its tenants, possibly end in anything other than tears? We are selling hope – and where there is Hope there is always a way – this way leads you Home and away from Division


Area 52 above all else is a State of Mind - It is a change of mind and with change comes action!

Area 52 is a State, the newest state formed on the Planet Earth in the past centuries. It is new in several ways and the main one is that anyone can join or apply to become a citizen of the territorial region called “The Area”

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