Candle In The Sun


You Are But a Candle In the Sun

Where is Home?

“A long, long time ago in a very far away place, you decided to forget the “who and what” of what you really are. You did so because being a Creation of The Creator, you were perfect and nothing but Love! However, the just “being told this” did not make it so, and hence you decided, with God’s advice, to “go and become what you were not” in order for you to KNOW what you are.” For only by becoming fat could you know thin, only by becoming tall could you know short and only by being unloving could you know love. The journey so began! The Veil was drawn and into the Playground of Time and Space did you enter. The road has been long and hard for many but there is now help offered to take you Home!

Where is Home?

Well, you know that as well as I do, so for now, let’s just begin at THE END – the end of one cycle in time which is taking you to the next. Words are easy – actions are what count, and the Universe cannot be tricked: to that end we now ask you to MAKE A CHOICE TO JOIN IN THE EXODUS 2.0 UPGRADE and journey to Area 52 – Ex Terra – The Sanctuary, a Waiting Room, a Holding Bay, a Hospitality Room created for you in anticipation and preparation for The Lift.”

this is our collective call home

The Little Soul in Sun

The Homing Song

There was, once upon a time, long, long ago a song! A song so mystical and so magical and so, just right in every respect, that anyone, and by that, I mean any being known in Creation, upon hearing it, would have an amazing reaction – a reaction so intense, so immediate and so deflating to all political classes, all controls agendas and all societal functions that it was STRICTLY BANNED.

For the moment this song, this tune, this frequency was heard or felt, it so created a sense of peace, love, harmony and wanting to return Home – a longing in the soul, that the soul in that instance of hearing it would decide to ABANDON TIME AND SPACE AND RETURN HOME…..no matter where that was in the galaxy, universe or multiverse.

Now, you can imagine the investment that had been put into the building out of all the Galaxies, Space Ports, Designer Planets and infrastructure and super structures in the Universe, and then in the Universes within the Universe and the Synthetics –

The result of all this was that IT WAS IMMEDIATELY BANNED AND ALL SOUND FILES OF IT WERE CONFISCATED DURING A 1,000 YEAR POGROM BY THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF WORLDS and all parties who had a vested interest in “keeping the Universe going!”

This was done because no one was really poor by then, well no one worth speaking about, and so Vested Interests had their say and over the Eons, the song became no more than a rumour, a mythical tale, a dream……but it still exists and can be fleetingly sensed in those passing moments when as soon as you think you think it….its already passed away, forgot and gone... Or has it?

But what they didn't realise was "The Song is in the Blood"